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Can you ship a car internationally with a bonded title?

Shipping a car internationally can be a complex process, and it becomes even more challenging when dealing with a bonded title. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of shipping a car across borders with a bonded title, the requirements, and important considerations to ensure a smooth and legal transportation of your vehicle auto shipping canada.

Whether you’re relocating, selling a car overseas, or just exploring your options, understanding the nuances of international car shipping with a bonded title is essential

What is a bonded title?

When a car owner wants to export a vehicle permanently from the United States to another country, they are often required to provide documentation proving clear ownership. However, if the vehicle’s title is not clear (for example, if there is an outstanding loan on the vehicle), the owner cannot obtain a clear title from the DMV.

In such situations, the owner can obtain a “bonded title.” A bonded title establishes ownerships, allows for purchase of insurance and even sale of the car. This also means it allows for temporary export of the vehicle by posting a surety bond, which acts as a financial guarantee that the car will not return to the United States. The bond amount covers the outstanding loan amount on the vehicle.

Key things to know about bonded titles:

  • A bonded title is only valid for one year and cannot be renewed. It allows the owner to export the vehicle on a temporary basis.
  • The owner is still responsible for paying off any outstanding loan on the vehicle within the one-year period for the title to become clear.
  • If the vehicle returns to the US with a bonded title, the surety company that issued the bond can seize the vehicle to satisfy the debt.
  • Most countries will not accept a bonded title as valid documentation for permanent import. A clear title is needed.

Steps to ship a car internationally with a bonded title

1. Obtain a bonded title from your local DMV

You will need to provide documents proving your ownership and identity. The DMV will also require details of any outstanding loans to determine the bond amount. Allow 2-4 weeks to process the bonded title.

2. Hire a licensed auto transport company

Research reliable transport companies that are experienced in shipping vehicles internationally. Check online reviews and confirm they are properly licensed. Get written estimates auto shipping canada.

3. Prepare the vehicle for shipping

Drain all fluids like gas, oil, coolant etc. Disconnect the battery. Inflate tires properly. Tag important documents inside along with extra sets of keys. Professionals can also perform a pre-export inspection.

4. Apply for an EPA export certificate (if required)

Some countries require this certificate proving the vehicle meets their emission standards. The application takes 2 weeks to process with the EPA.

5. Obtain international driver’s permit and customs documents

Research import requirements of the destination country. Arrange vehicle import documents like the international driver’s permit from your local AAA.

6. Insure the vehicle during transit

Important to get cargo insurance in case of any damage during ocean/land transport overseas. Coverage should match the vehicle’s current value.

7. Book vehicle transport

The transporter will inspect and load the vehicle on a carrier ship bound for the port nearest the destination. It takes 2-6 weeks for ocean transit depending on the destination country.

8. Have vehicle cleared at destination port

A customs broker may be needed at the foreign port to smoothly navigate import duties and taxes clearance. Make sure someone is available at the other end for receiving the vehicle.

Things to watch out for

  • Be wary of fly-by-night transport companies with no licenses or experience in auto exports. Reputable ones carry cargo insurance for damage coverage.
  • VAT, import duties and taxes are payable upon import in most countries. Get accurate estimates factored into your overall shipping costs.
  • Transit times can vary due delays at ports or carrier ship schedules. Build in a buffer of extra weeks to receive the vehicle on time overseas.
  • Border checks, chassis repairs if needed during transit are additional costs not always included in basic shipping quotes. Confirm what’s covered.
  • Follow all documentation requirements explicitly to avoid issues with customs clearance abroad. Hiring an expert is highly recommended.
  • Pack important bolts, spare parts that may be needed in destination country to avoid delays finding replacements there auto shipping canada.
  • For European destinations, also research individual country road worthiness regulations and emission standards.

Insuring the temporary import is legal and processed correctly, selecting experienced transport partners and building in contingencies for delays are key to a successful car export journey with a bonded title. Following the steps diligently and paying attention to destination country norms can help deliver your car overseas smoothly.