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Does the Navy Ship Your Car for Free?

With a career in the Navy, servicemembers and their families can expect to relocate to new duty stations every couple of years. But with each move comes the hassle and high costs of transporting belongings across the country or even overseas. One of the biggest expenses for relocating military families is shipping their personal vehicle. However, many are unaware that the Navy provides a car transport program at no direct cost to servicemembers under certain conditions. Let’s take a deeper look into how the Navy handles shipping personally owned vehicles (POVs) Car Shipping to Canada.

The Process of Scheduling a Navy-Sponsored POV Move

If eligible, the process for getting the Navy to cover the cost of moving a POV involves the following main steps:

1. Request Authorization

The servicemember must request authorization for a Navy-sponsored POV move when submitting their orders request or amendment. The request will be reviewed and either approved or denied based on the eligibility criteria.

2. Schedule the Pickup

Once approved, the member schedules the pickup date for their vehicle through the local Traffic Management Office (TMO). Advanced notice of 2-4 weeks is recommended to ensure depot capacity.

3. Prepare the Vehicle

All possessions must be removed from inside and outside of the vehicle. Gas level should be 1/4 tank to prevent leaks or needing a refill en route.

4. Completion of Forms

The member fills out a limited power of attorney granting the shipping company authority to transport the vehicle, as well as an inventory checklist of existing dents, scratches or damage.

5. Pickup by Carrier

On the scheduled date, the commercial shipping carrier arrives to safely secure and transport the vehicle to the destination depot near the new duty station.

6. Tracking and Delivery

The TMO provides tracking details. Delivery usually occurs within 2-4 weeks. The recipient acknowledges delivery by signing the tracking paperwork.

So in summary, that covers the key steps involved from requesting authorization all the way through vehicle delivery when utilizing the Navy’s free POV shipping program. Proper advance planning and paperwork are essential to ensure a smooth process.

Additional Considerations for Navy POV Transportation

There are a few other finer points servicemembers should be aware of regarding Navy-sponsored vehicle shipping:

  • Storage fees may apply if the vehicle isn’t picked up within a set timeframe after arrival at the destination depot.
  • Mileage restrictions and vehicle value caps may apply. Most plans cover up to 2,000 miles and vehicles up to $30,000 in value.
  • The Navy is not liable for any damage incurred during transit. Member’s auto insurance would need to cover that.
  • Multiple vehicles can be shipped together under one authorization, but may incur additional fees.
  • POV transportation is intended for primary vehicle relocation only. Temporary storage or multi-leg trips are usually not covered.
  • Overseas assignments have some differences – ships may be used instead of commercial carriers depending on destination.
  • Newly purchased vehicles usually can’t be shipped within 180 days of purchase due to insurance requirements Car Shipping to Canada.

So in summary, while the basic POV move is free for eligible personnel, there are limitations and out-of-pocket expenses to also be aware of such as potential storage fees, mileage caps, value limits and insurance implications. Proper pre-move planning prevents issues down the road.

Alternatives if You Don’t Qualify for Navy Shipping

Not everyone meets all the eligibility rules to take advantage of the Navy’s free POV transportation benefit. In those cases, members have alternative options to consider such as:

Rental Car

Drive the current vehicle to the new duty station and rent a car upon arrival until the shipped vehicle is delivered. May be less expensive than shipping for shorter distances.

Self-Drive Relocation

Drive the vehicle yourself to save on shipping costs if distance allows. Plan longer travel time and add fuel/lodging to cost estimate.

Commercial Auto Transport

Hire a professional auto transport carrier, but members must pay out of pocket. Watch out for hidden fees and get quotes from multiple companies.

Ship with Household Goods

Some moving companies offer vehicle shipping as part of their overall military household goods package. May end up being more affordable than standalone POV transport.

Leave Vehicle Behind – Car Shipping to Canada

Sell or store the current vehicle rather than relocate it if costs outweigh value and a vehicle isn’t urgently needed at the new location.

So those are some of the alternatives military members have if the Navy program doesn’t cover their specific relocation needs or vehicle requirements. Determining the most cost-efficient choice depends on individual circumstances.

The Bottom Line – Can the Navy Ship Your Car for Free?

In summary – for eligible Navy personnel meeting the basic criteria, yes the service will arrange and pay all costs to transport one personally owned vehicle between authorized duty stations within program guidelines at no direct cost.

However, there are limitations, potential fees and responsibilities the member should be aware of. Thorough pre-move planning and coordination through local Traffic Management is essential to navigating the process smoothly.

Those not qualified for the Department of Defense sponsored program typically end up having to fund POV transport alternatives out of pocket or leave the current vehicle behind depending on personal needs and budgets.

With the right advance preparation and paperwork, the Navy car shipping benefit can take a major expense off the table for relocating Sailors and families. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution – alternatives may be preferable options for some orders depending on travel details. Proper comparison shopping saves the most money in the end.