Ready to take a cross-country road trip but only keen on driving part of the distance? Looking for a hassle-free way to transport your car from the sunny shores of Florida to the picturesque landscapes of California? Well, look no further! This blog post explores an often-overlooked option that offers convenience and peace of mind: shipping your vehicle by train. You read that right: trains aren’t just for passengers anymore! So grab your ticket and hop aboard as we delve into the seamless process of transporting your car from Florida to California via train.

How much does it cost to have a car shipped from Florida to California?

The cost of shipping your car from Florida to California can vary depending on several factors. The distance between the two locations is one of the main factors that will influence the price. Since these are two states on opposite sides of the country, you can expect a higher cost than shorter routes.

Another factor that may affect pricing is the type of vehicle being transported. Larger vehicles or those with non-standard dimensions may incur additional fees due to their size and weight.

Additionally, timing plays a role in determining costs. If you need expedited shipping or have specific delivery requirements, this could impact the overall price.

To get an accurate estimate for your particular situation, contacting reputable auto transport companies and requesting quotes is best. They will consider all relevant factors and provide an estimate tailored to your needs.

Remember that while cost is essential, choosing a reliable and trustworthy car shipping service that prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction is equally crucial. So, research read reviews, and make an informed decision before entrusting your vehicle for its journey across state lines!

Can I ship a car by train from California to Florida?

Yes, you can! Shipping your car by train can be convenient and cost-effective for transporting your vehicle across the country. Many choose this method because it eliminates the need for long hours of driving or expensive auto transport services.

By shipping your car by train, you can avoid wear and tear on your vehicle and save yourself from the stress of a long road trip. Plus, trains offer a reliable mode of transportation with established routes explicitly designed for shipping vehicles.

One significant advantage of shipping by train is that it allows you to sit back and relax while professionals handle the logistics. Your car will be securely loaded onto an enclosed railcar, protecting it from damage caused by weather conditions or other external factors.

Another benefit is that shipping by train usually takes less time than driving. While exact travel times may vary depending on factors such as distance and route, you can expect the journey from California to Florida to take approximately 3-4 days.

When considering costs, shipping your car by train is often more affordable than other methods, such as hiring a professional auto transporter or driving it yourself. However, pricing can vary based on several factors, including distance traveled, vehicle size, and additional services required.

If you’re looking for a seamless way to transport your car from California to Florida without putting extra mileage on it or dealing with traffic hassles, shipping via train could be an excellent choice. It provides convenience, reliability, and protection for your vehicle while saving you time and potentially reducing costs compared to alternative options.

How long would a train ride be from Florida to California?

 It’s a question that many people ask when considering shipping their vehicle across the country. The answer depends on various factors, such as the specific route and potential delays.

The Auto Train typically takes 17-19 hours to travel from Sanford to Lorton. Once in Lorton, you have several options for continuing your trip westward toward California. You could drive your car or rent one at a nearby location, or opt for another mode of transport like flying.

Driving from Virginia to California will likely take an additional few days, depending on your pace and any stops along the way.

It’s important to note that while taking the train may take longer than flying directly from Florida to California with your car shipped separately, it can offer a more relaxed and scenic travel experience. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of having your vehicle with you throughout the journey.

Though it may not provide an express route cross-country as air travel does, taking a train ride from Florida to California offers unique benefits that some travelers find appealing!

How much is the auto train to Florida?

If you’re considering shipping your vehicle from Florida to California, one option worth exploring is the auto train. This unique service allows you to transport your car via train, providing a convenient and hassle-free way of getting your vehicle across the country.

But how much does it cost? The price of the auto train varies depending on several factors, such as the size and weight of your vehicle and any additional services or amenities you may choose.

Deciding whether or not to ship your car via the auto train will depend on various factors, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and personal preference. It’s always a good idea to compare prices with other transportation methods, like trucking or driving yourself.

In conclusion, transporting your car from Florida to California via train can offer a seamless solution for those looking for an alternative method of shipping their vehicles. Whether for relocation purposes or to avoid wear and tear on long drives, exploring options like the auto train can provide peace of mind, knowing that professionals handle every aspect of transporting your beloved vehicle safely across state lines.

So, if you’re ready for an adventure on rails while ensuring safe delivery of your car from sunny Florida across America’s golden coast in California, hop aboard!


Cost-effective: Transporting a car by train is often cheaper than traditional methods such as hiring a car hauler or driving the car yourself.
Safe and secure: Trains are a reliable mode of transportation with minimal risk of accidents or damage to the vehicle during transit.
Eco-friendly: Shipping cars by train creates less carbon emissions compared to long-distance driving, making it an environmentally friendly option for transportation.
Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations: Train stations are easily accessible in most cities, making it convenient for customers to drop off and pick up their cars at designated stations.
Ability to transport multiple vehicles at once: Trains have a larger capacity than trucks, so they can transport multiple cars at once, reducing overall shipping time and cost.


Limited availability: Not all train routes offer car shipping services, which may limit options for some customers.
Longer transit times: Unlike road transportation, trains have limited speed restrictions and may make frequent stops leading to longer transit times.
Lack of direct delivery: Cars shipped by train may require additional transport from the destination station to the final location, adding extra cost and inconvenience for customers.


1. How long does it take to transport a car by train from Florida to California?

Answer: It typically takes about 5-7 days to transport a car by train from Florida to California.

2. Are there any restrictions on what type of car can be transported by train?

Answer: Yes, cars must be smaller than 20 feet in length and no more than 7 feet tall.

3. Is the car insured during transport?

Answer: Yes, all cars are insured against damage or theft.

4. Do I need to be present when my car is loaded onto the train?

Answer: No, you do not need to be present for the loading process.

5. What type of payment methods are accepted?

Answer: Most major credit cards and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.


1. Conveniently transport your car from Florida to California quickly and safely by train
2. Secure, climate-controlled transportation with 24/7 real-time tracking
3. Professional and experienced staff manage the whole process
4. Competitive pricing and flexible scheduling
5. Insurance coverage for all shipments
6. Door-to-door pickup and delivery services available
7. Efficient logistics and coordination of all aspects of the transport
8. Full customer service support in case of any query