Shipping a car from one state to another requires specialized transportation services that can safely transport vehicles over long distances. This article examines the typical costs involved in shipping a car from Texas to Arizona via an auto transport carrier service ship a car from Texas to Arizona.

It covers the various factors that influence pricing and provides estimates on what to expect to pay depending on the type of vehicle and services selected.

Factors That Impact Pricing – ship a car from Texas to Arizona

There are several factors that determine the price quote for shipping a car from Texas to Arizona:

  • Type of vehicle – Larger trucks and SUVs generally cost more to ship than smaller cars due to space requirements.
  • Enclosed or open transport – Enclosed auto carriers provide protective coverage from the elements and are more expensive than open carriers where vehicles are exposed.
  • One-way or roundtrip – Roundtrip shipping where the vehicle carrier returns to Texas costs more than a one-way shipment to Arizona.
  • Time of year – Summer is the peak season for moves so prices tend to be higher from May through September compared to other months.
  • Drop-off location – Delivering to a home usually incurs an additional fee versus dropping the vehicle at a carrier’s facility.
  • Special requests – Extra services like expedited shipping, guaranteed delivery dates or vehicle prep/cleanup affect the total price.

Standard Pricing Estimates

Vehicle Type Estimated Cost for

Enclosed Transport

Sedan $650-$700
SUV/Crossover $800-$850
Pickup Truck $950-$1,000

The table provides approximate pricing for standard enclosed auto transport from Texas to Arizona for common vehicle types. Costs assume a one-way shipment during fall/winter/spring with delivery to a carrier’s lot. Additional fees may apply depending on exact origin/destination locations and dates. Open carriers typically cost 15-20% less although vehicles have less protection.

Getting Auto Shipping Quotes

The best way to get an exact price quote for shipping a specific vehicle from Texas to Arizona is to contact licensed auto transport carriers. Many provide online forms to input details of the vehicle, dates and addresses. It’s advisable to receive at least three quotes as pricing can vary between companies. Be sure to confirm services, estimated drive times, payment policies and any other specifics before committing to a transport reservation.

Additional Tips – ship a car from Texas to Arizona

To help save money on auto shipping costs, consider travelling during off-peak months or extending vehicle delivery dates. Requesting drop-off at carrier yards rather than homes can cut fees dramatically too.

Thoroughly inspecting vehicles before and after transport is also prudent to document any pre-existing damage or identify issues arising from the long-distance move.

Overall transportation expenses are quite reasonable for the convenience and security of relocating vehicles such seamless cross-country transfers.