Getting a new vehicle is an exciting experience for any car buyer Vehicle Delivery. However, many may not be aware of exactly how the vehicle makes its way from the dealership to the driveway.

This article will provide an overview of the typical process dealerships use to deliver vehicles to customers.

Finalizing the Purchase

Once a customer has selected the vehicle they wish to purchase and finalized any financing or leasing details with the dealership, the paperwork aspect of the deal is officially complete.

This involves signing all necessary documents such as the sales agreement, financing contracts, paperwork to register the vehicle, etc. At this point, the vehicle is officially sold and ownership will be transferred to the new customer.

Preparing the Vehicle for Delivery

Before a vehicle can be delivered, there are some final preparations that need to be made by the dealership. This often includes finishing any special requests made by the customer such as adding accessories. The vehicle may also need to go through a final quality inspection.

License plates are ordered from the DMV and installed on the vehicle. A full tank of gas is also typically provided before delivery. Any other precautions are taken to ensure the vehicle is in fine condition for its first drive with the new owner.

Arranging the Delivery

Delivery Method Description
Customer Pickup The customer comes to the dealership to pickup their newly purchased vehicle themselves on an agreed upon date.
Home Delivery The dealership will deliver the vehicle directly to the customer’s home or business address using one of their delivery drivers.
Third Party Delivery Some dealers contract with third party delivery services to transport vehicles if they do not have their own drivers for long distance moves.

The dealership will confirm the customer’s preferred delivery option and schedule a date and time. Any paperwork related to receiving the vehicle is also prepared in advance. On the big day, the dealership aims to have a smooth, hassle-free transaction as the customer gets excited to drive off in their new ride!

Inspection and Acceptance

Upon delivery, the dealership representative will go over the vehicle with the customer to ensure nothing was damaged during transport. They will also explain how to use important features and answer any initial questions.

The customer then signs final paperwork accepting delivery in good working order. At this stage, their purchase is officially complete and they can drive away happily in their brand new vehicle!

Vehicle Delivery – After Delivery Support

Even after the delivery process is finished, most dealerships aim to provide ongoing support to customers. This helps ensure complete satisfaction and build loyalty. Issues can easily be addressed and the customer has a contact if any warranty repairs are needed.

Quality dealers also follow up after a few days or weeks to handle any minor glitches and ensure the buying experience left a great impression. This further solidifies their relationship with clients in the community.